mask-who are youWho are you?

On this Journey of Life have you ever considered who you are?

If I were to ask, you may tell me “my name is John and I’m 22 years old.”

But is that really you?

You may further state that you are a Christian, born in Toronto, but is that really you?

You might start telling me you are a 4th year university student, studying the arts and a fine musician.   I ask, once again is that really you?

You might be wondering what the heck I’m talking about at this point?  But you reflect and think a bit more and say- that I’m a human being.  But I ask once again- who are you?

As you get older, you start reflecting and realize, that all these, are just labels that you were taught to describe yourself.  You now begin asking yourself- Who Am I?

You start to understand that you are a collection of thoughts. You start breaking down past experiences, reflect on your behaviour and begin to understand your unconscious patterns of life that you thought had described who you are.

You start to meditate, reflect, introspect and through your experiences start gathering wisdom that now helps you be more aware of yourself.  Now the journey begins.  Now you start to partially understand who you really are.

You see events unfold in your life, where coincidences just don’t explain what’s happened.  Further still, as your awareness expands you begin to see how insignificant you are to the cosmic reality.

With new found humility, your Ego does not cause you the same pain and suffering.  You now know, without needing an explanation that you are more than just this body.

Now if I ask you, who are you?

You might say the following: A spiritual being in a human body.  The creative living force.  A bundle of thoughts.  A wave in the ocean of eternity.  Eternal Love.  A drop of rain in the ocean.  A passing traveler in a moment of time.  An actor playing a role on the world stage and then departs when the curtain closes and the act is up.

As you can see, the answers are quite different from when you were 10, 15 or 22.  But only if you will take the journey to understand.  Ask the question and be honest with yourself to find out “who you are?”  Only you can know.

As always share your thoughts and I look forwarding to sharing in your journey of a wave.

Jas Jagpal