I used to have a sweet tooth growing up as a teenager and my siblings nick named me the “cookie monster”.  I would literally eat 8 or so Oreo or chocolate chip cookies with a glass of cold milk.  Yes, that is a row of cookies in the cookie packages.  Today, we give no more than two to our kids and they must feel deprived.  How awful we are! 🙂

Well, as I reflected back on my cookie eating days, it brought back an even sweeter memory as a kid selling flowers  in downtown Toronto.  One location I sold them for a consistent period of time was at the south-east corner of Bloor & Bay, where Birks is located today.  Funny thing I also remember having a fruit stand with my flowers there.  For some odd reason, a flower company, experimented selling fruit to bypassers and for good reason failed miserably!

Getting back to my memory.  I remember this beautiful young lady, in her early twenties, whose name I forget, she’d trek in from Barrie on the GO train to work at the Treats cafe.  Her location was about a block west of Bay on the north side of Bloor.  This was around 1981 or 82.  I checked to see if that location still exists on the Treats website, but unfortunately it doesn’t.

Anyways, she was very friendly to me.  Did I mention very beautiful too!   She had bought roses from me and when going and leaving work would take a few minutes to talk to me and see how things were.  I probably had a “puppy crush” on her, after all she was very easy on the eyes and I must say, I was pretty handsome, ok cute, too. 🙂

Well, I remember one sunny hot day she bringing me a few chocolate chip cookies as a “treat”.  When I took my first bite, my taste buds exploded and my heart skipped a beat in delight, and I fell in love with her (just kidding)!  That was the very first time I had ever tasted a “gourmet” cookie!  I was doing the happy, happy, happy dance!

Well the gentleman I was, the next day, I took her over some roses, after all that was what I could manage as a kid.  I’m sure she blushed, finding it cute and thanked me for them.

So my beautiful sweet lady, at least 10 years older than me… thank you for caring,  and more importantly for sharing-  the treats of sweetness I will always carry in my thoughts because of you.

May you be blessed with life’s sweetness and lots of happiness.

How about you, what sweet memory holds your heart captive?

Hugs, Jas Jagpal