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Day 34 – Let’s Play Ball

Balraaj dribbling the ball at 21 months…back in Oct 2009. Below Video- Amar races me and you can tell who my daughter is cheering for! ūüėČ Let’s Play Ball I’m not sure if this...


Day 32 – I’ll Never Give Up

I just wrote a reflection on “never give up”¬†. ¬†Why the reminder? ¬†because it is so easy for us to lose faith and do so. ¬†Most of do so¬†before we even start. ¬†Especially the...


Never Give Up

NEVER GIVE UP Never give up… or regret you will when the kids are gone and the body¬†hurts the mind can’t focus you can’t stay awake memories of yesterday haunt your days and nights...