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Reflection: Life

Reflection: If one loses oneself in work then one has not lived. There won't be an end to the material desires constantly at play. Life will break before you can dance to all the rhythms on stage.
If one can awaken to peace and gratitude, the sunshine never fades. Even amidst the darkest clouds love shall radiate. Faith in hand, walking with humility-grace their spirit permeates.

— Jas Jagpal


Spread Your Arms

Now stop what you are doing. Spread your arms, close your eyes and breathe deeply.
For in this moment you have experienced life's energy.
No thoughts or worries. Just you and life-eternity.


Power of Reflection

Power of Reflection For each day you feel sad and your heart suffers pain. If only you would reflect and not blame or complain. A genesis you’d manifest an awareness proclaim. Gratitude will be...