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Reflection: Family

Family is the treasure chest that just keeps on giving,
even when empty, just by being near.

— Jas Jagpal


Day 29: Happy Birthday AJ

Amar in Grade 1 graduation. I couldn’t have written a warmer and more loving letter than my wife Jess has today on her FB wall in regards to my son Amar who celebrates his...


Day 7: The Power of Sports

Day 7:  The Power of Sports After hearing of Robin’s death, I thought why not talk about the affects of bullying, after all I experienced it in my early years, especially until grade 4....


Day 4: The Wail of Death

Day 4: The Wail of Death One evening I was awakened by the loud cries of my mom and I had no idea why she was wailing. I was but a child probably 5 or...