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Reflection: Life

Reflection: If one loses oneself in work then one has not lived. There won't be an end to the material desires constantly at play. Life will break before you can dance to all the rhythms on stage.
If one can awaken to peace and gratitude, the sunshine never fades. Even amidst the darkest clouds love shall radiate. Faith in hand, walking with humility-grace their spirit permeates.

— Jas Jagpal


Day 55: Let it Rain

Day 53: Let it Rain Watching the rain come down tonight was amazing… and the pictures taken afterwards of the clouds was just beautiful. Today I’m grateful for the rain that brings life to...


Day 49: Learning

Day 47: Learning Today as I’m busy doing my RECO update for my real estate license renewal, I’m grateful to being able to have the opportunity to learn. I know education is key to...