©Rauf janibekov

©Rauf Janibekov

Rainy Kiss

At first a few droplets caress her face
then a few more her cheeks lovingly trace.
To thundrous applause, clouds empty their store
as streams of lustrous pearls her face adore.

Enchanted within- peaceful outside
motionless I stand watching her stride
smooth, elegant, swift as a bird she danced
as raindrops cooed to her hypnotic glance.

Envious, my heart trembles- motions
volcanic eruptions -spewing emotions
feathered by the wind, softly landing
on my skin, her touch, I feel burning.

Wishing she was the rain, cooling,
soothing my heart’s, secret yearning,
to melt in ecstacy, to her soft kiss
I sigh, heart trembles, embracing another kiss.

Jas Jagpal/95