Victory's waterfront with the new Blob!


Going to Boyne River is a special memory I’m grateful for because it was the only time that I have actually ever gone “camping.”

This was in grade 6 and part of the TDSB school program.  I think the fee was around $15-$20 only for a week stay at the camp and the provided meals, etc.  I remember the weather being cool.  Not super cold as in winter or hot like summer.   We probably went in the spring time leaving Monday and came back Friday evening.

I remember wearing long water boots going into a pond and for the very first time seeing “water spiders”.  Yes it took eleven years.  Sadly, I’ve never been camping since. 30 years have passed since this outdoor adventure I had as a kid.  Roasted marshmallows anyone?

I know some won’t call this real camping, after all, we weren’t in tents.  But when you’ve grown up downtown Toronto,  in the heat of the city all your life and have never seen acres of densely growing trees together… well, this is real camping for me.  Sleeping away from home, in bunk beds and learning about nature and spending all day in it, I think constitutes a camping trip. 🙂

Regrettably when I looked up the destination thinking about this memory, I noticed it is shut down.  Here is the link.

I know my kids went to Kearny for a similar experience and I’m grateful that the Toronto district school board carries out this program and provides this experience for Toronto kids.  Otherwise, many like me,  would never have the opportunity to go and experience nature and what “camping” is.

Thank you,

Jas Jagpal