The Moon

I’m grateful for the moon. Everytime I look at the moon, I feel a cosmic connection. In the past I’ve talk to it and wonder how alone it must be. Today, I see it...


Sell or Find Yourself

Selling a home in the market place is much like how we sell ourselves. We prep, add color, dress it up, price our worth, negotiate the best deal.

Finding yourself if just the opposite. You simplify, see natural beauty, dress as you feel, give freely, stay humble and accept God's deal.

Your choice: Sell or Find yourself.

— Jas Jagpal


Day 15: The Romantic

Day 15: The Romantic Growing up as a kid, my romantic influence was what I saw on the streets of Toronto selling flowers and ice-cream. It was what I heard older men talk about...


Day 14 – Christmas Gone Wrong!

Day14 – Christmas Gone Wrong!During the month of Christmas in 1979, an eight year old boy of Indian decent, sat in class while his teacher announced that they would be trading Christmas gifts this...


Day 13 – Riding the Rocket

Day 13 – Riding the Rocket It’s been awhile since I’ve ridden the red-rocket, but I’ve got some fond memories over my years into University.This may seem like a silly thing to do today, but...


Day 11 – Shoplifting

Day 11 – ShopliftingAh those days as a kid. When money was tight, desires were great and you wanted to fit in. Why do kids steal or anyone for that matter? Well, if I...


Day 12 – My Dad’s Stories

Day 12 – My Dad’s Stories (Warning might be a bit more “sikh history” then you bargained for.)I don’t know how it was in your home but growing up we would sit down in the...


Day 10- Kismet

Day 10- KismetEvery one of us, like the ocean wave experiences a wide array of emotions and experiences throughout our lives. We experience the fears of a tsunami, calmness of a tranquil sea and...