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Today I received a Thank You card from World Vision that read:

“Dear Friend,  In 1998, you set out with World Vision on a journey to transform the lives of children in need.  What a wonderful commitment you have shown to improving children’s well-being!  Thank you for bring hope and joy to young lives…”

Anyways reading it reminded me of my marriage proposal and commitment to my wife the same year, actually a week before Valentine’s Day.  My proposal was probably unique and actually occurred at the Gurdwara (Sikh place of worship).  I flew in from Vancouver to Calgary and asked her to come to the Gurdwara with me as we picked up some roses.  I wrote a poem for this occasion that I framed.

Here it is:

Love, a I kneel before you in the house of God
And look into your dark, beautiful eyes
Take these roses, they symbolize my love
And smell love’s fragrance emanating my heart!

Jaspreet, I want you to look at the two white roses
In the middle of eleven red beautiful ones;
My Love, do you understand the symbolism?
As I kneel before you in the presence of God.

Dear Love, our hearts are like the white shining roses
Affectionately embraced by our eleven Satgurus
Can you feel their love and blessings in your heart
Holding us to their bosom in God’s paternal love.

Sweet Jaspreet, I ask you before my Beloved
With all the love in my heart, body and mind
Will you be my wife, in sickness and health
In good times and bad, together, forever in love?

zsikh guru (177) copy

Well, knock me over the head she said YES!  She fell for it!  She had no idea what trouble she was getting herself into. I’m sure she’d think twice if she did. 🙂

Anyways, 16 years later, 3 kids later, riding the roller coaster of struggles and victories, we keep moving forward.  Step-by-step, day by day.  I’m so grateful to God that I’m blessed to live in Canada and for the bounty I’ve graced.

Thank you for reading and sharing in my memories living in Canada for 40 years.


Jas Jagpal