Gardener in the rain

Rain is the life force falling from the heavens transforming gardens and providing the bounty of food we need for nourishment.

Our lives are like the grass.  we are influenced by the changes in our environment.  We can dry up thinking of all the bad times, or be content in the present in how things are, or be positive and just bathe in the falling rain.

It always seems, the garden is greener across the fence.  We must make an effort to understand that roots of the garden are present within us.  So water, fertilize, nurture and till the soil within and embrace the transformation in your life this blessing brings.

The wise are like the Gardeners who accept what nature gives, but without fail- loves, cares and tends the gardens, each and every day.

Today, I’m grateful for the pouring rain.  It gently reminds me Jas, to tend to my garden and be the best Gardener I can.

Jas Jagpal