I’m grateful for the fresh air.  We take it for granted but if you’ve ever struggled for air, be it under water or a health emergency, you’ll realize what a gift it is.

Now that’s the air we breathe.  But we are also choking on a lot more in life.  Relationships that are sucking us dry, work that is making us ill, and our minds are grasping for hope and drawing in despair.

Don’t you deserve some fresh air?  We all do.

We gotta wake up early to breathe the most freshest air and we gotta wake up mentally to not drown in despair.

There wis no short cuts.  Life is what you make it in mind, body and spirit.

So wake up and breathe deeply for your body depends on it and start your day with an early morning gratitude for your minds needs it.

Jas Jagpal