i-believeDay 6: You Can Do It!

Growing up, I spent every year working from the age of 9. Over the years I have interacted with so many people that I’ve never doubted my abilities to do anything. Math, science, sports, you name it… except one! For when it came to writing English, I was overshadowed by a tiger-of-literature, my elder sister by two, who just ate up verbs, spewed out adjectives and wrote paragraphs with her eyes closed.

Here it took me 15 minutes to write a paragraph that she would rewrite, literally in a minute and making it sound ten times better. Even today, she’ll write chapters that flow like magical waves in the ocean as I still struggle to keep a stream flowing coherently. 😉 That is how awesome she is.

So what did this salesman do?

Well in high school I figured if she was going to rewrite my essays anyway, why not then just “pay” her $5 and get her to write everything? Well, my plan worked like a charm until I went to university and found myself, all on my own.

My head screaming “wtf, the prof wants a 15 page essay in my one and only social studies class? How the heck was I going to do that? I’m a scientist!”

Well, once the overshadowing tiger left the jungle, the cub emerged. He wrote, wrote and wrote until he couldn’t write anymore. Amazingly, he got his first B+.

Now Imagine an 18 year old doing cartwheels, not from having sex, but from getting a B+ on a bloody essay? 🙂 Yes, my face was doing just that! As I felt overwhelmed with feelings of relief, joy, and thrilled of my new found awareness and jubilance “that I can do it” – do anything!

Today, I don’t compare myself to anyone. I know there will always be some who are amazing writers and others who’d be happy to write like me.

If you are reading this then know that we can all move forward if we stay the course. With patience and persistence, by action and commitment; with a desire to learn and grow we can overcome any obstacles we face. You just can’t quit! You must not accept that inner voice that tells you- “you can’t”! Because, I know with all my heart and deepest belief, if you try, if you really want, if you just have faith- you can!

So share your story? A point in time where you did something and never believed you could, but when you did, it changed your life forever?

Cheers, Jas Jagpal