101-ThingsToBeGrateful-6WorkDay 6 – I am grateful for Work

Whether it was running my own printing business, working 70 hours a week as a teenager, or selling flowers and ice-cream as a kid and now as a REALTOR®, you quickly realize it is a blessing to have consistent meaningful work.

My faith guides me that every experience I have today, has its purpose.  We can’t understand what our purpose is  today or “connect the dots” when we knee deep struggling through them.  It is only when we look back at our lives, reflect on our past, do we make sense of them.

There is a Steve Job’s Stanford Commencement Speech in 2005 that talks about connecting the dots.  If you haven’t heard it already, click the link above and I’m sure you’ll find it worth listening and sharing.

Today, I’m not sure in what direction my life is being lead.  What work I will do ahead.  But for someone unknown reason, I keep consistently writing my thoughts.  Yes, I have wondered why I bother to do so and share them. Do they matter?  Does anyone care?  Probably not.  Yet, my heart keeps nudging me to continue and without fail I keep doing so, even though sometimes they read as complete gibberish.

Today, I find myself grateful for the work I’ve gotten over the past years that has shaped my life to be who I am.  I’m hopeful that in whatever direction fate takes me- my thoughts will grow wiser, my words will have deeper meaning and I won’t hold back sharing my soul on paper and pen.

Jas Jagpal