101-ThingsToBeGrateful57-HappyBuyerDay 57: Happy First Time Buyer Client

Today I’m grateful to give the good news to my first-time buyer client that she was now officially a homeowner.

I called the lawyers office and told them to call me first!  I wanted to give her the good news directly.

It’s an amazing feeling to share this moment with her.   She had been thinking of buying a year ago she told me but decided to rent.  This year, she called me to rent a condominium but as we started talking I realized she really had wanted to buy.  She was just afraid and didn’t have the guidance to show her the pros and cons of both renting or owning.

Anyways, I’m glad I was able to share the journey with her.   She deserves to be a proud homeowner.  I just played a small part in making her dreams a reality.

The best part for me is to see her building equity.  Saving for her future.   With super low interest rates today, over 50% of the monthly payment pays down the mortgage principal.  Now she’ll be saving instead of an investor if she continued to lease.

So congratulations T!

Cheers, Jas