Day 5 – Dancing in the Rain
I still remember that day when the heavens opened, the skies rumbled and the sun pierced, through the fluffy white clouds and I felt on my face; sunny-warm-droplets-of-heavenly-rain as my siblings and I, “danced in the rain”.I was probably around 10. We ran up the street towards the corner of Austin and Marjory Ave in east-side Toronto. We danced for the next 30 minutes or so and enjoyed every minute of heaven’s embrace.

Why heaven’s embrace? For in those moments, turned minutes, a child felt the bliss of failing rain. With my shirt off, I danced and laughed, jumped and sang, oohed and awed, and most importantly I created a memory so beautiful that I remember it 30 years later as it was yesterday. Now that’s a heavenly embrace?

As we get older, ravaged by worries, we get so uptight and forget to play. Losing the moments to create beautiful memories that won’t ever fade.

I remember moving to our new house about 10 years ago and having a water gun fight with my friendly neighbor. We actually didn’t use water guns. It started off as spray from my hose as we watered the grass and turned into bombs with buckets and a solid hose down! We were drenched, our wives laughed, my children to small to know how fun it was.

Last year, a day came, like 30+ years ago, and the heavens roared, jogging my memories, calling the child in me and I said I’m coming my love and embraced the precious pearls kissing my face.

A couple years back my boys shared a memory I’m sure they’ll never forget.

So dance in the rain. Feel life’s force. Savor the moment. Don’t be glum, upset or let the weather man ruin your fun. My friends at REALTOR in the Park rain or shine, let’s make memories that last us a life time. If necessary be ready to ‪#‎danceintherain‬.

Have you danced in the rain? If yes share, If no, do it and savor it. Cheers! 🙂

Jas Jagpal

Dancing in the Rain Pictures