101-ThingsToBeGrateful-5TimeDay 5 – I am grateful for time.

You don’t realize what time is until you turn off all the distractions of the world and just sit in silence.

Those who took the weekend challenge with me to disconnect themselves from social media may have experienced the phenomenon of having boat loads of time that they thought they never had.  Some may have also felt very uncomfortable with all this free time while others appreciated it.

I can see some with fidgety fingers reaching for their cell phone, every few minutes and realizing there is no FB or Twitter app to click on and respond to notifications.  It reminds me how we’ve been influenced and conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs to respond to stimuli and not actually think.

I’m also sure, some like I did, found it freeing and used it to spend time with their kids, friends and family.  Maybe the first time, in a long time, you were actually present for them.   I’ve done this experiment before for much longer, but like many of you, I still looked at my phone a few times on Friday, thinking somehow, there was going to be a notification that required me to respond immediately.

You see, in today’s social media web of entanglements we don’t even give our minds a break and even take our smart phones to the bathroom.  There we sit on the toilet for 30 minutes, liking, commenting, watching videos without missing a beat.



How can we truly appreciate time when we waste hours on our large, medium and small sized digital screens?

Did you see the beautiful upside down crescent moon Friday night with what appeared to be the bright star beside it, but was actually Venus?

What about Saturday night seeing Venus move further away from the moon and Jupiter shining in the East?

Tonight, the moon is shining brightly off the back window of my house and as I gazed upon it, my eyes for a moment felt its magnificent beauty.

Such is the beauty of being present in time.  We don’t need to go away on vacations to experience it.  We can start by just shutting down our devices and taking notice of our breath.  If you do, you might realize that we are just a breath away from not existing. Maybe that awareness will cause you to stop worrying about the future and holding on to the past.  You will know that neither is real, and accept the present, enjoy the moment and not waste it.

You know, though I appreciate the likes, comments and shares I get on my posts in FB, etc.  and though I love to write and reflect and share my thoughts with you.  I know this entire exercise is a futile one if I let pride conquer my humility, Ego dim my heart’s love, and desire to undermine my precious time to pause, reflect and meditate on what is important- the beauty of creation and the creative force behind it.

So I’m grateful for becoming aware of time.  I know it ticks away with each breath I take.  I’m hopeful that I will connect deeper with my soul, become fully aware, know my purpose and not waste my life distracted and asleep.


Jas Jagpal