101-ThingsToBeGrateful-47daughterscareDay 47: My daughters Care & Compassion on Easter Egg Hunt

Today on Easter Sunday, I had an Easter Egg hunt.  Actually a Hollow bunnies Milk Chocolate Hunt.

My daughter, my sons and nephew participated.  I hid 12 eggs and marked down where I hid them, just incase they didn’t locate them.  The last thing I wanted was melting chocolate somewhere in the house.

I hid them pretty well and noticed that my youngest son and his nearly twin cousin were having a lot of difficulty finding them.  My eldest son (13) had located 5, my youngest (8) had 1 in hand and my daughter (15) had a few.

What I’m grateful for today is that she noticed that her cousin (8) had found none.  So as he was in my office looking she placed one of hers in plain site for him to find.  That touched my heart.  Though she’s a tough cookie, with a strong personality, is determined to compete.  I’m grateful she had the compassion to share with her young cousin. Whereas my eldest son was busy trying to hoard more!

Anyways, I guided the youngest two to the remaining 2 eggs- one in the dryer and the other buried under the leaves of a plant.  Then I topped all of their piles to 5 to equal my son’s tally.  He immediately blurted out “that’s no fair”.  I won!  I should get more.  My daughter said, yes you did win, and that is your reward. 🙂

You learn a lot about your children in these little challenges of life.  But today I felt my daughter won the show by caring enough to share with her cousin.  She stole my heart with this simple gesture of care and love.

Cheers, Jas