101-ThingsToBeGrateful41-anticipationDay 41: Anticipation

Today as I anticipate my parents arrival, I realize that this feeling is quite common in human behaviour.  I’m not sure if Lions anticipate the rainy season on the African savanna so that could have an abundance of prey to feast on.  Or that the rest of the animals looking for a water-hole to drink from can’t wait for the deluge of rain.

As humans, I’ve noticed that we are anticipating all the time.  Our future.  Our children’s future and our parents.  Going to a ball game, having a meeting, setting an appointment, finishing a project and so on.

For the majority it is a blessing and a curse at the same time.  A blessing that it helps us plan for our future.  A curse that we can’t fully enjoy life’s moments.

When we are able to: like watching the sunset at the sea, or swimming with a pool of dolphins we are caught in a time-warp and fully enjoy the experience.  If you were to reflect on your life, you’ll notice, it is these experiences where you are fully immersed in the moment, that stand out as either your best or worst memories.  Sometimes you anticipated them most of the time they just happened.  Either way, they have left footprints that are going to last for ever.

You know I’m glad we can anticipate.  I really do look forward to my weekly soccer games.  Enjoy the hugs from my youngest.  Today, I feel grateful to be able to see my parents after a long winter away.

Anyways, though it is great to anticipate,  let’s not lose sight that-  it is the moments in our lives that make life the blessing it is.

Cheers, Jas