Those who have read my reflections and previous posts already know that GOD (Waheguru) has been a major part of my life and my 40 year journey in Canada.  To my atheist friends this might be one of those posts you read just for entertainment purposes. 🙂

You know it’s ironic when I started writing my post 40 days ago, I didn’t think I’d be ending on a Sunday, or I’d be talking about God as my subject, or that I’d be celebrating the Sikhs scripture (bible) anniversay as the 11th Guru of the Sikhs in Scarborough today.

For me God isn’t just a 3 letter word.  God is everything and nothing.  He is the sound and the silence in between.  He is the stars and the darkness between.  He is the Earth, Water, Fire,  Air and the glue that holds everything together.  He is the stars, galaxies, universes and that we don’t know of and can’t see.  He has been here before the big-bang, is present for all time, and shall be here when all things entropy back to nothing.

Like the ant we pat our backs and write volumes of our greatness, pride ourselves of our intelligence, fight wars to own a piece of this earth and its resources.  We enslave our soul in chains of Ego and suffer our entire life building castles and chasing the next wave of luxuries.  Yet, save few, have reflected and realized that we are an insignificant dot in time and space.  When I say we, I mean the planet Earth and the 7 billion who roam it, thinking they own it, and yet aren’t even a virus in the grand scheme.  Still however, to God, we ants are significant.

As a Star Trek fan, I remember one episode as a teenager that got me thinking, where Captain Picard lost control of his ship to Professor Moriarty, a holographic creation.  Moriarty was downloaded with consciousness by the android Data while inputing a more challenging computer simulation.  Moriarty now wanted to live, but couldn’t come off the halo deck, as it was only there where energy and matter were interchangeable and took physical shape.  So by the end of the episode he was tricked to come off the holodeck, into a second simulation where he thought he had escaped the ship.  However, the episode concludes with Captain Picard having a cube on his desk, where Moriraty’s program plays and where he’d live the remainder of his days, thinking he was alive.   I remember watching the program and thinking, wow,  can we all be just a subroutine in God’s computer.  Then you had the Matrix series build upon a similar concept.

We all ought to ask ourselves existential questions and face the answers that we might unbox.  I know it’s better to live a reflective life then to live a life unaware.

Look up at the skies and get a perspective of how tiny we are.  One of the greatest humbling experience anyone can have if they take a few minutes to reflect, search and see.  Here is tiny comparison of the earth to our sun and to other stars.  If this doesn’t blow your mind, then anything I say won’t.

Also check out this comparison  from Khan Academy.

I’m blown when I think of Earth that is so large and we’ll never be able to fathom it is powered by a minute amount of the sun’s energy.  Just like a tiny beam from a flashlight, yet this beam, lights up half the earth.  From Alaska to Argentina.  How mind blowing is that?

Now there are billions upon billions of these suns and many more planets.  Can all of this just be one big bang accident?  I say not.  This reality is so majestic that we can’t ever understand it, but we can intuitively feel the energy that flows in everything.  You call it God.  I call it, Ik-On-Kar.

My God is not bound to any religion, creed, caste, color, language and philosophy.  Only a fool would think there way is the only path, especially when we’re not even a spec of dust in space & time.

God is experienced and known personally and not through rhetoric, rituals and dogmatic beliefs.  Love is the fastest way to connect and resonate to his energy.

There are verses in Guru Granth Sahib that say nothing that we can say or do will make God bigger or smaller.  God does not need anything from us, we are the ones he showers blessings on.  Yet, there is one thing God is bound to, and that is love… even he can’t escape it.   When we love him with purity of heart and mind,  and he eveals himself intuitively.

Just like we can’t comprehend the Sun, no matter how hard we try, or the earth for that matter… we can’t comprehend God as our minds aren’t created to do so.  We can’t download today’s servers into the old IBM 386s.  They’d crash and fail.  Yet we can download a message that will reveal their presence and that is how we get to know God’s grace in our hearts.

Over the years I have pondered and questioned and experienced God’s grace in my life.  How can I not believe.  Yet, the best part is, I do not feel compelled that anyone else believe.  That is the beauty when you know in your heart, you don’t need to prove it to anyone, feel compelled that others follow your path,  or force it down others minds by way of charity.

I know those who are searching will find him.  They will make the time for reflection.  The Guru says as long as you take one step towards experiencing God, God will walk thousands towards you to get you.  Every day, I take a small step and by his Grace I’m grateful for everything he’s given.

I wish you all the blessings and thank you for taking part in my 40 day journey of reflection on life in Canada.  I’m grateful for the 40 years I’ve had living here and grateful to share my thoughts and experiences.

Thank you kindly for reading and commenting.  God Bless you all with reflective peace and spiritual awakening.  I’m grateful that God gave me the discipline and health to follow through on my endeavor. It wasn’t easy but I’m sure glad I completed it.

Cheers, Jas Jagpal

Below is the “Mool Mantar”… the first verse of the 1430 page Sikh scripture, the Sri Guru Granth Sahib.  This is the concise description of God in Sikhism.   It is sung by Snatam Kaur and is a meditation that is chanted or recited many times by Sikhs daily.