time_giftDay 4: The Wail of Death 

One evening I was awakened by the loud cries of my mom and I had no idea why she was wailing. I was but a child probably 5 or 6 years old and 37 years later i can still hear those wails echoing in my ears. It wasn’t till many years later that I realized that it was my mom’s brother who died. He was her only brother and treated her like a princess when she was young. My dad booked her a flight to India so she could properly mourn her loss.

Why talk of death today and this memory?

First to stress that as parents we ought to be mindful of our actions. We never know which actions will leave a lasting impression on our kids. Today I asked my elder brother if he remembered, and he said yes too. So obviously this would have been a traumatic event for all my siblings.

Secondly I want you to reflect that death is a natural occurrence. In every seed, life and death are intertwined and bonded like a DNA strand.

Today we guestimate that 7 billion people live on Earth, yet has anyone reflected on how many trillions have passed away since the beginning?

Don’t fear the inevitable. Every time I read of a friend’s loss on my wall it reminds me how precious “now” is. How we ought not to let ourselves be burdened with grief, lost in fear, and sickened with pessimism. We are all transient, like a storm cloud passing through the fragment of time. Enjoy the ride and detach yourself from the end game.

When I read on my wall “time is money”. The attitude of greed of the “corporate” world. Then I see the wisdom of others in their responses. That, no amount of money can stop the wail of death and buy you precious time. I realize there is a yearning embedded in our species; men and women- to grow, to learn, to seek, to have that treasure which money can’t buy, but is available to all.

Peace of mind, love, and the precious awareness that the spirit of life breathes in our hearts.

Is there a moment you can remember, or you can reflect back to as an adult, that has changed your life, that you would like to share?

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