101-ThingsToBeGrateful-4healthDay 4 – Physical and Mental Health

After a couple of days of hearing about 2 deaths, one likely a suicide and another a sudden passing of a senior.  I am grateful for my health.

Not just my physical health but more importantly my mental peace.

I know as a society we are struggling in both regards but we defiantly aren’t understanding  the mental pressures people are enduring.  Our system is setup to take care of symptoms and less so on preventing them.

It appears far to many people are suffering quiet depression, isolation and loneliness.  It just doesn’t haunt their minds but takes a toll on their physical well being.  Obesity and low self-esteem are just masks of deeper issues people are facing in our society.  Look at super stars like Robin Williams, who we think have great lives, suffer privately.  Why?  I don’t know.

I wish I had the magic pill for this problem.  I know from my experience, when I was young,  I got my strength through prayer and reflection.  Even today, it is my steadfast belief system that keeps my mind at ease as the world seems to burn around me.

My wife’s changed our diets and that is definitely helping our physical health but we must make greater efforts to change our minds.   I think meditating each day, learning to accept what is, trying to change what we can, and let go of the past and being present driven and not worried about the future can definitely help us.

Yes, like with anything in life this requires, time, effort, learning and a boat load of reflection.   In my scripture it says that “thaal vich tin vastoo payeeo, sat santokh vichaaro”.  Basically meaning that: within this scripture there are three things.  Truth, Contentment and Reflection.

The point is, we all must seek the truth by reflecting and once we do we will achieve a state of contentment that can’t be shaken and will strengthen our lives.  The question is, are we going to make that effort?  The irony is that we go to university for 4, 6, 8 years to get a degree to so we can get a job with no guarantees of employment.  But why can’t we not spend a few months, a year, a couple years, to better our thoughts, better our health, learn how to cook, eat healthier, meditate, reflect that will better our lives for ever?

I don’t know why we don’t.  But, I’m grateful for my health and I pray that you will find the power within you too, to rise up, take the challenge, make the necessary changes, change your thoughts, connect to your soul and live a contented and healthy life.

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Cheers, Jas Jagpal