You know there is a saying that if a person seems wiser than their years, ask them to tell you their story.  They most certainly will have a story to tell because no one just wakes up to wisdom without the pain of reflection.  Experience has always been our greatest teacher.   Sure we can learn theories about life through books, but the laws are known with experience.

Today my journey has brought me to my memories of reflection.  Over the years school had taught me a lot of information, but it wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I started to understand myself.  After I got over the pain of love, I started to meditate and listen to the chatter in my mind.  You have to work through all the dark layers of self-pity, denial, loathing, tears, blame, etc. and realize they are all just different masks of the Ego. Instead you must shine the light of acceptance, faith, belief, compassion, spirit and truth as you become more and more self-aware through reflection.

It’s not an easy process.  That is why only a few people actually take the time to reflect.  It is far easier to be a busy-bee, then spend time sifting through your mind’s thoughts.  You can even offer a million dollars and you’ll find ten out of a hundred people who might be tempted to start and nine will quickly stop then endure the pain of self-realization.

I can remember those quiet Saturdays in Vancouver sitting under a large “oak” tree and looking towards the mountains while the sun beamed down on my face.  I’d attempt to feel the clouds high above, be the Eagle gliding effortlessly, and ride the wind in my mind.  I’d reflect on my past and try to make sense of it, ask questions to my Creator and listen intuitively to his responses.

It was at this time I started to write, put my thoughts into words and intuition into thoughts.  You could say, I was just rolling in mud.  Today, I feel, that I’ve just began to crawl.

You know, we all start by rolling in the mud and getting really dirty.  People will laugh at us, take parting shots.  Many will find your reflections dumb, stupid, naive, thoughtless and even foolish.  They are right, for they haven’t experienced the mud that you’re rolling in.  They are book-smart. They have learnt the theories and keep their “self” busy with quotes.  How can they know the laws of self-realization.  They can’t! and don’t let their praise or criticism affect your journey of understanding the mud.

Why reflect?  Why endure such pain of deconstructing your Ego, your thoughts,  and recreating a new you?  We do it all the time without realizing when we create new habits.  Why not create habits that will give you peace of mind, happiness, joy, love and deepen your experience with nature and humanity?

The choice is simple.  We can continue to react and feel the same pain over and over again or we can reflect and choose a different path.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve learnt that writing is far more important than reading.  The act of writing is the only way to make the changes permanent, reading just doesn’t cut it. Too many people have read multitude of  self-help books or watched Oprah’s master classes and listened to Gurus, yet remain stuck on the same path of pain, self-pity and low esteem.  Watching and reading are like having an energy drink that gives you a momentary boost, but when the affects wear off you feel tired and lethargic with no self-motivation.

Similarly, writing and teaching is like taking a protein shake that keeps your sugars at optimal levels and providing you with a wave of energy that lasts.

I’m grateful to have been able to experience the power of reflection and I’m hopeful you’ll take the time to experience it too.

If you like to read more of my reflections you can find some at Pinterest.  If you didn’t understand anything I wrote today.  Not to worry.  You aren’t the first and won’t be the last one :). Sometimes I also wonder about them too.


Jas Jagpal