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This is one day I won’t forget, except the fact that I’ve forgotten all the people I was “introduced” too.

You see, Sikh weddings are pretty large.  It’s easy to have 300-500 people at a Sikh wedding because usually no one is left out from an invitation.  All your extended family, friends, relatives and even acquaintances are invited.  For the reception, you drop out the acquaintances usually.  So if there are 500 at the wedding maybe 400 are invited to the reception.  That is still a considerable number of people.

Traditionally when a couple gets married,  the “man” goes to the ladies “city” (village) to a local Gurdwara (temple) to get married.  In my case, since my wife was from Calgary, we went there.  So most of the people at this wedding were primarily from my wife’s side.  Still I’m sure we hit the 400- 500 people mark because my father-in-law is such a popular figure.

I remember coming to the Gurdwara and for the very first time I felt a thousand eyes descending on me and I’m sure critiquing my looks, dress and the way I carried myself.  We all do it in some way of form, it is just human nature. 🙂

I probably can’t describe the ceremony as well as a video would, but I couldn’t find a video that actually wasn’t made into a “Bollywood” trailer on YouTube and thus didn’t factually show what happens.  For those more interested in knowing, there is a website page with pictures describing a Sikh wedding.   I also found a small spiritual sermon on the meaning of the Sikh marriage ceremony.   Plus full translation is available here in English of the 4 hymns that are sung during the ceremony.

Getting back to my wedding day.  It was one of those surreal moments when you realize that hey you are committing to be with someone for the rest of your life.  More so, on a journey to self-realization in God’s presence and with the blessings of the congregation.

You know, we really don’t know what we are getting into most of the time in life, but like with anything that is extraordinary, you take a leap of faith and just go with it.  That is my way.

I remember that day it was so hot as well!  Calgary was in the 30s, go figure.  It was August 1st.  It will always be imprinted on my mind.  Once again, the evening reception was like a blur…. people dancing, partying and celebrating and I being introduced to guests.

Would I have done some things differently if I knew better,  definitely!   Was it a day I’l always remember,  absolutely.  More importantly, I’m grateful that 16 years later, through everything we’ve gone through, Jess and I are still learning, growing, caring and making things work.  I’d say we’re closer now spiritually than the day we got married.

Will there be another 40 years?  God willing! 🙂

Anyways, goodnight and I’m keeping this short as my eyes are tiring.

Cheers, Jas Jagpal