101-ThingsToBeGrateful-37lifeDay 37: Life

As I received an email of my client’s husband “YK’s” passing, it reminded me how precious our time on Earth is.  Every time I had seen “YK”,  he was always bubbly, smiling and making jokes.  He loved to talk and the last time I saw him with his wife and son, they took me out to a Chinese restaurant for lunch.

It is amazing how fragile yet powerful our life-force is.  We are just a breath away from death at any given moment.  Like the rosary I meditate with each morning, this pearl-body is only as good to the wearer, if the life-breath flows within it. Otherwise it is discarded as the product it really is.

My scripture implores me to remember the Lord’s Name with every breath.  Gently reminds us that we should be faithful to the Creator who has bestowed us with the gift of a human body.  Only in this form are we able to meditate and reach higher levels of consciousness and awareness.  To have the ability to get to know “him” and embrace “his” essence.  Like the drop of water merging back into the ocean of infinity.

As people I’ve known for years pass away, you realize that, many more will pass away in due time.  We live in a life of duality.  We celebrate life at birth and mourn it’s loss at death.  We celebrate successes and mourn our failures.  We celebrate happiness and fear pain.  We seek outside of us, where everything is materialistic and only satisfies our bodies needs and desires.

We haven’t realized that Bliss (Anand) is not out there to be found, but already exists within us.  We have to turn our attention inward.   As I make my journey inward, I am grateful to share my precious moment on this beautiful Earth with you all.  I pray that I continue to have the good fortune to remember the Lord’s Name, the essence of Bliss, as long as I live, each day, during morning and at night, at sunrise and sunset, and at all times.

Cheers, Jas