Have you ever been in a marathon before?  A deadline to meet or you’ve been working on a project and you can see it almost complete?  Well that’s how I feel today!!  It’s Day 36 of 40 and as usual the last 5 days become more challenging, just as Day 6 is… when thoughts of doubt start creeping in to your mind,  telling you to just give up on this a futile exercise that is simply meaningless and irrelevant.

Now the thought’s are, what am I going to write about today?  When I wrote my first 40 day gratitude challenge the same time last year, some event would happen in the day, that would illicit a thought and I’d write about it.   When I did my second 40 day gratitude challenge I thought I’d try something unique and pinned them graphically on Pinterest.   I took a topic and wrote about it.  Day 40 was unique and culminated my 39 previous gratitudes.   I remember, after writing it, I said WOW to myself and thought how did I do this!  That is, use all the words in the previous 39 days and put them into a concise Gratitude.

Now it’s my 40 personal memories living in Canada in 40 years.  I know there are some too painful to share and others too private to make public and should just remain buried.  Or locked up in a box, never resurrected as most men are often capable of doing.

You know, I’ve always heard the saying that- giving starts the receiving process.  When you give, you get back abundantly.

The truth is I’ve always tried giving and helping out whenever possible.  Be it a sibling, friend or a stranger.  Not because I was looking to receive something in return, but because I felt it was my responsibility or simply the right thing to do.  Sure at times I felt like I was getting the short end of the stick, however it was easy to remind myself that I should be grateful that I was able to give and that it’s much more difficult for those on the receiving end and that would ease my mind.

I’ve realized that I’m now on the stretch run of my life.  I’m passed the 50% mark of average life expectancy and beyond my prime physically.  The question is, what am I going to do in the next 43 years if I’m lucky to have that many?

How can I balance work, life, family and pursue a goal beyond myself.  Who can I help, how can I give, what should I do are questions I face.

I remember similar questions when I was completing high school, then completing university and when I got married.  Now 15 years later, at forty three I wonder what’s next on the stretch run of life.

40 years in Canada and hopefully another 40 there shall be.  To share, care and learn, to be or not to be.

Thank you for reading and always grateful for your comments.

Jas Jagpal