101-ThingsToBeGrateful-36CourtneyDay 36: Colleagues like Courtney Simpson

Today I’m grateful for the words of wisdom & truth spoken by Courtney Simpson in regards to my Facebook post.  Where I wrote:

“I feel the happiest when I’m making a difference in a client’s life but sometimes I wonder if I should just find a job when people use you so selfishly. That part of real estate I hate because it shows the awful side of humanity.”

Her exchange made me smile.  It reminded me of my own conversations in my head and words that I’ve shared and spoken to others.  It is quite easy sometimes to forget them when you are facing the “wrath” (or you feel that you are) of people’s selfishness.  Or that people just don’t care!

Anyways, I loved Courtney’s final tidbit:

” Jas.. From EVERY SINGLE Client or call there is either a commission, a paycheque, a friendship or a lesson learned. A phone call requesting that you show people houses is not a Demand Note that they owe you money, regardless of how many Saturday afternoons you sacrificed showing them houses. If you are a Realtor.. in your heart and your soul.. you must ultimately not worry if they buy or they do not buy. You will be educated by their questions about the neighbourhood. You will now have a few new prospective houses to show to other clients. You will now have helped them to make a more informed decision about one of the largest and most important financial obligations of their lives. And if you do make a commission on that transaction, terrific.. And if you do not better yet.. You have Earned Trust and you will have a Client for life. And in this particular Industry, if you are able to gain Credibility, Reputation, Trust, Integrity and Friendship with the people you are trying to do business with, then they will indeed not only stay with YOU as a Realtor in all of the transactions they engage in, they will INSIST that all of their circle of friends do the same as well. (Heart)”  

May we all get a honest and gentle reminder to keep on pushing forward, to be the best we can be, to stay true to our nature and just embrace life and let it unravel as it is supposed to be.

May we all have friends and colleagues in our lives who are willing to share a truth than just agreeing with us and offering sympathies.

Cheers, Jas