Day 35: Giving starts the receiving process

We’ve all heard this saying that ‘giving starts the receiving process’… today I realized in quite differently then our normal take of it materialistically.

This morning, as I was over at my parents, I realized that over the past few years that I’ve been diligently going their every morning, I’ve actually been the one that gained more from the process than they have.

You see, every morning when I go there, my mom has the TV on and is listening to the hymns, in praise of God, being sung.  So every morning I’ve been literally waking up in the spirit of God, instead of in the mundane concerns of business.  In addition, more life changing for me has been listening to the Katha (reflective sermons) by Giani Kulwant Singh and others, who in such depth and great wisdom elaborate on the teachings of the Sikh Gurus.

I’ve noticed that overtime, this daily bathing in the spirit of truth has helped me with my own reflections.  It also has helped with a grateful mindset.  To be at peace and let go of worries that would have consumed my days.

Instead I understand the psychology of the mind, the power of the spirit and the delusions of the world.  How we can get to the next level through reflection and understanding the truth.  How we can work towards achieving a balanced life and detaching from the “rate race” of the world.  How we can uplift our minds and set in motion a means for our hearts to be content.  How we can learn to be present and live in the moment.  How we can let go of past and recognize it as a dream and not fear the future and be overwhelmed by anxieties and instead mediate on the name and be in the spirit.

As a bonus, I was able to live the fundamental Sikh way of life.  By helping them, I served humanity.  By listening to the hyms and katha, I meditated daily.  By working in real estate I earned my keep.  I was also blessed to have developed a closer bond with my parents  and be a larger part in their life.

I’m grateful for this journey with my parents and it has taught me endurance, spirit, gratitude, love, perseverance and a deeper understanding of my spiritual self.

Thank you mom and dad for helping me far greater than I’ll probably ever understand.  The power of reflection never ceases to amaze.  Thank you for reading.  Cheers.

Jas Jagpal