Balraaj dribbling the ball at 21 months…back in Oct 2009.

Below Video- Amar races me and you can tell who my daughter is cheering for! ūüėČ

Let’s Play Ball

I’m not sure if this happens where you live, but in my neighborhood it happens all the time.

I take my boys to the park to play some ball.  Mostly soccer and as we are warming up and fooling around, kids from the neighborhood will ask to play.  Sure is my response always.  Then a couple more come forward and then few more and all of a sudden we have over dozen boys playing soccer.  Today we had 17 kids.

I had thought we’d go to the park and just fool around and I’d get some exercise with my¬†boys. ¬†Who knew I’d end up playing a 90 minute soccer game! ¬†Phew.

The problem is I forget how old I am! ¬†On the pitch I play as if I was still a kid. ¬†Always giving 100%. ¬†I hate losing for some reason. ¬†I’ve mellowed down quite a bit but get riled up when there is a match. ¬† So I was running up and down and getting my teammates involved as if I was the coach. ¬†Dishing out instructions as if I was the captain. ¬†Dashing forward as if I was Lionel Messi. ¬†Crossing as if I was David Beckham. ¬†Shooting as if I was Ronaldo. ¬†Praising the kids on their great passes and goals, not matter whose team they were on as if I was¬†their biggest¬†fan.

Today both my boys scored two goals each.  I expected more from Amar and was surprised by my 7 year old Balraaj.  Twice he got hurt playing against the older kids but he braved through it and kept on going.

The funny thing is over the years I have experienced this countless times.  You go to just shoot a few hoops and end up playing a competitive basketball game.  You go on the street to play some hockey with the kids and all of a sudden we have all the kids with their sticks playing a hockey game.

It feels good actually, to be able to play and enjoy it without being self conscious of yourself. ¬†I know the pain afterwards sucks. ¬†I’m not 20 anymore and my legs, ankles feel it once I’ve “cooled down”.¬† Today, I surprised myself that I could actually keep up with the kids.

I’ll cherish this time growing up in the Morningside Heights community. ¬†Almost 12 years have passed and its¬†nice to see the kids participate and not fear me and ask to play. ¬†It keeps me feeling young. ¬†Keeps my body in motion and helps me stay active. ¬†Plus for everyone.

So are you ready to play ball? ūüôā

If you are every in my neighborhood give me a call, baseball, soccer, badminton, basketball, hockey, whatever, I’m game.

Thanks for reading and keep sharing your stories as well.

Cheers ūüôā

Jas Jagpal.

Throwback Р2009 РAmar and myself doing a cone race in our basement.   You can see Balraaj behind us.

Race with our Left Foot.