Feeling Blessed

In my 40 years in Canada, most of my life, I have never felt the feelings of being blessed.  How can we?  Most of us are stuck in the daily grind of just getting by that we can’t feel fulfilled.  We’re busy living the blame game and there’s no room to reflect and let the sun shine in.

Very few are blessed with the wisdom of those phenomenal kids we hear of on TV that do great work to help the poor.  Majority, are still trying to find their place in the world, get over their heartaches and feel overwhelmed by the rat race.

It wasn’t until I was nearing thirty that my perspective started to shift as I experienced my father’s prophecy and began to slowly reflect on the wisdom of the word.  It took another 10 years, for me to mature as a father, learn to become a dad and feel the blessings in my heart, most days of my life.

The process is gradual.  Just like a birth of a baby.  One day you are pregnant with reflective thoughts and over time they grow in your mind and change your personality.  Eventually, those people who didn’t change with time, see you differently and wonder what happened to that person they once knew.

Once transformed you can’t go back.  You can’t undo a dance you’ve learned.  You can’t forget a song you love.  You can’t forget your very first love.

You might look up at the full moon tonight and see the moon is full and keep walking.  An astronomer would know the angle of it’s orbit so that the sun’s rays can bathe it whole.  Whereas I see, the night-watcher looking down upon us, my confidante I’ve talked to when in heartache I cried, the wisdom keeper of the sages and I see the beauty of God’s creation as it’s reflecting the sun’s love on us.  An artist will experience a spectacular vision and a poet will write sonnets worth loathing.  Yet, the moon is one, the perspectives many.  The blessings felt in different ways when we are ready.

Our frustrations, aspirations, hopes, stories, dreams and pains are all real.  But, no more real than a wave in an ocean is.  Find this perspective and feel the blessings of the infinite.  Feel deeper and be the ocean and release the waves.

Over the years on so many occasions I’ve felt God’s blessings.

1.  Getting home tired and hungry, on so many occasions, my neighbors have rang the door bell holding food as offering.
2.  Our front door has been inadvertently left open on many occasions and when we came home, many hours later, nothing is missing.
3.  I’m short on cash, a bill is almost due and a cheque comes in and keeps us going.
4.  I’m feeling sorry for myself, news comes in, that someone has suffered a tragedy and you stop self-pitying.
5.  Work is so busy, my children are about to be born, all of sudden my printing business slows down just for that week, so I can be present for their deliveries.

I can’t count the number of times, the “right” thing happened just in the nick of time to help me more forward and feel grateful.

I urge you to start the journey of reflection as no other activity can help you emotionally as fast as a journal of gratitude.  Each day before you sleep write something you feel blessed and grateful for.  When you write them down,  they will transform your mind and grow your heart and you will feel the blessings of contentment and grace.

Let the journey begin.  I’d love you to share them with me and I thank you for taking the time to read a few of mine.

Jas Jagpal

P.S. After this 40 day journey I’m going to write “Reflections for Tomorrow”.  Something that came to me yesterday and hopefully you will be part of that journey as well.