I will Never Give Up

I just wrote a reflection on “never give up” .  Why the reminder?  because it is so easy for us to lose faith and do so.  Most of do so before we even start.  Especially the thinkers.  Who often think themselves out of action.

When I started my “online” printing business in October of 1998, I had no clue if it was going to be successful or not, but I started building my website anyways.  I’d worry about the next step afterwards.  In this case it was how to generate traffic to it.  It was not until Christmas break that I got my first order.  Imagine 8 weeks of hard work and not getting any money for it.  I’d work the days at my sister’s company and spend the nights at home building my site and figuring out how I was going to get business.  Eventually I did and for years made a great living.

When I started the real estate business, once again, I had not clue how I was going to get clients.  I knew the internet though.  So I spent thousands of hours of researching, developing my websites, learning the business, reading, educating myself and eventually focusing on pre-construction condos and made some money.

Over the years I’ve learnt that real estate is a harder challenge than the printing cards business for me.  For the printing business I had spent years behind the computer, running an online business, rarely meeting clients, that the number of people I knew crawled to a halt.  Secondly, in the printing business, if you had a quality product (which I did), good prices and reliable service, the product sold itself.  My job was to get the product in peoples hands.  Send them samples and take their orders.  Not so in the real estate profession.

I learnt, in real estate,  people actually bought ‘you’ (the person)!  I had a misconceived notion that I was selling a product (houses and condos), which actually wasn’t true.  Why would anyone choose you to help them buy or sell the most “expensive” investment in their life if they didn’t buy into you?  That you could help them.  Why would they refer friends and family if they didn’t trust you.

I knew I was a honest, hard working, intelligent and very capable person that could help people buy, sell and invest…  but the world didn’t know that of me.  How could they if they don’t even know who I was?

So once again, I’ve tried everything all the “sales-gurus” are preaching.  Most of the stuff hasn’t worked and doesn’t for most people because of our different personality strengths and weaknesses.  I knew I just couldn’t give up.

My biggest challenge, as is with most REALTORS® on a limited budget is to get consistent business.  You can backstab, lie, buy listings through deceptive ways and cheat people, but that’s not my style.  Like many good REALTORS® I know, it’s important for us to run an ethical business.  We won’t be the “top”producers out there, but we are definitely the hardest workers for our clients.

I’m sure, the vast majority of REALTORS®, save few, have had thought of giving up.

It’s hard when the river bed runs dry and the sun rays scorch our bodies.  When people take advantage of our generosity and buyers lie without flinching an eye.  When another REALTORS® cheats you in multiple offers, and deals go sideways at closing.  When we’re left weak and emotionally drained and lose precious time with our families.  When it seems the world doesn’t care about us, we have to persist and never give up.

I tell myself how lucky I am, how grateful I should be and I believe.  I  get up, shake off everything that’s happened and keep moving.  Sometimes dragging my feet, until the magic breeze of grace, lifts my spirit, filling me with gratitude and I’m back up running, searching hard to help my next client who believes in me, that I’m offering them value, honest advice and looking after their best interests and I’m worth my fee.


Never give up…
or regret you will
when the kids are gone
and the body hurts
the mind can’t focus
you can’t stay awake
memories of yesterday
haunt your days
and nights of sorrow
cry you awake
wishing you hadn’t
given up that day.

Never give up…
if you believe
the cause is dear
so persevere
Know yourself
and inspire to be
for time shall pass
in triumph or defeat
But if you battled
Content you’ll be
You never gave up
accepted gracefully.

Jas Jagpal

P.S.  I’ll never give up on me and I’m always grateful to all my clients who have entrusted me and believed.  As always, Thank you for liking, sharing and commenting with your experiences.