1dic5432Day 3: The View

Imagine being a kid, soaking in the rays and spending a couple of summers on the boardwalk down at Ash Bridges Bay! Well I did. I had a gig selling Carousel Ice Cream (the yellow bikes) and the view of the beach was, well, amazing! 😉 Funny thing I was so small, I had to climb up on the “side-wheel” so I can reach into the cart and pull out the ice-cream. 

The best part was riding down Woodbine Ave from Danforth Rd. You timed the light at Gerrard and belted it down. The worst, well pushing the carts that probably weighed more than me, back up the hill. No way was I riding them up those hills. Any adult for that matter. 🙂 We also had a blast playing with the dry-ice. 🙂

After they shut down, for a couple of summers I sold “dickie-dee” ice-cream (white carts) downtown by the CN Tower, CNE, The Ferry Docks, parks nearby. I used to pick up my cart at a warehouse near Wellington and Bathurst. How Front St and all of the Lakeshore has changed since the early 1980s.

To make extra “money”, more aptly to pass some time, I’d pitch quarters against the pop-corn guy 😉 The best times was during the Caribana Festival. It was hot, hot, hot. 🙂

Anyone remember buying ice-cream from this guy? 🙂 What was your favorite ice-cream?