101-ThingsToBeGrateful-3educationDay 3 Education

I count my blessings, almost weekly, that I was  able to grow up in Toronto and get an education.  My parents weren’t so lucky.  They had to work the farm back home in Punjab, India.

Most of us don’t realize that education is a gift we need to cherish.  It is through literacy can we read books, reflect and expand our awareness.  We can do our own research and not be at the mercy of what others say on TV, Radio, etc.

So many people are stuck in mundane laborious jobs because they couldn’t get FREE formal education.  I know our education system isn’t perfect and can be improved, even then we should cherish that we have a system that parents and children can take advantage of.

It would be nice if more kids would see it as a blessing.  We have the best opportunity to learn and grow and take with us the treasure of literacy.  With these diamonds we can expand our abilities and gather skills to do whatever we like.

There is so much FREE learning available online.  Just look at KhanAcademy.org

We have no excuses to grow in this information age.

I see that my parents didn’t get this opportunity and suffered because of it.  Don’t let this be you.  Learn the skills you need.  This blessing is available for all of us to pursue and use.


Jas Jagpal