Melodies of the Heart

The Melodies of the Heart

If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll have noted that growing up I wasn’t much of a writer at school.  English was my worst subject.  It probably still would be if I attended school.  Not because I’m a bad writer, more so, because I’m good at other things, like the sciences, maths, computers, sports, etc.  and never gave myself the respect that I could write.

If you’ve been following my posts, you’ve already read, You can do it,  and recall that I’ve lived in the shadows of a literary giant, my elder sister, who could pen a tale in a few minutes.  Just like those who use the magic of their brush strokes or the tips of their fingers and manifest a beautiful painting of natural beauty that leaves us just amazed.

So what prompted me to write?  After all, I couldn’t care to write or ever felt it was a skill I needed to learn.  Especially to write down the darkness of my thoughts and the rumblings of my heart?

Well, PAIN!  Pain has always been and always will be humankind’s greatest gift of personal transformation.

The very best have burnt in the anguish of pain, in the darkness of their heartaches, in the torture of their loneliness, in the depths of their depression and then rise-up like the Phoenix- from what was once pain’s ashes and scribe the melodies of the heart of tearful grace and soul stirring beauty.

It is true, he who has not loved, has not lived at all.  It is also true, He who fears love, can’t love himself.  He who yields to love, has freedom won.  He who embraces love, has the Lord found.

I loved.  I lost.  I loved again and lost.  I’ve loved to love, and to feel a heart that loved.

I loved and penned the melodies of my heart.  While penning I found my heart I had lost.  Now transformed with wisdom and gratitude, I found my self and the truth echoes loud:

Life’s a blessing Jas, and make it count.
Forgive and accept what offerings abound.
It’s time to grace God in your heart.
Feel the poetry that unchains your thoughts.
That fills your soul with compassion’s rhyme
Dancing as the waves in the ocean of time.
And when I heard, I eventually found
my love in my heart, together we’re bound.

If you have loved and learnt and rose like the Phoenix to your heart’s freedom, I’d love to hear your story.  

Jas Jagpal