101-ThingsToBeGrateful-19GurdwaraDay 19 – Gurdwara – Guru’s door (Sikh place of worship)

Today I’m grateful that there is a Gurdwara near my house.  After my son’s soccer tryout this morning we went directly to the Gurdwara, as we do most Sundays and my son and I listened to the hymns (shabads) being sung my the musicians (ragis).

For me personally, when I’m at the Gurdwara, I let go of the outside world chatter.  In devotion, I sit cross legged, listening to the hymns of God’s praise being sung and reflect on the Guru’s teachings.  If the translations aren’t shown on the projector screen by a volunteer, I open up my trusted app (Gurbani Anywhere) on my iPhone,  search the hymn being sung, in this way I can follow and truly understand the meaning of every word.

What good is it being in a french class, hearing what is being spoken, but not knowing what is being said?  I think, every Sikh, young & old, who does not understand Gurmukhi, should download the app and use it when they are at the Gurdwara.  It will help you reflect and meditate on the Guru’s teachings and connect at a deeper level.   Maybe, for once, it will help you feel God’s blessings.

I know it is wonderful that our Gurdwara’s serve Prashad (Sugar-Butter-Flour mix) and Langar (Lunch/Dinner).  This fulfills our bodily needs but what is going to quench the thirst of our soul and mind?   That is where we have to connect to Gurbani- the hymns of the Guru Granth Sahib sung by the musicians.  Through the word we drink the bliss of inner contentment, peace and tranquility.  The truth in Gurbani helps us over come our fears and enlightens us to what should be important and real in our lives.

So today I’m grateful to spend the afternoon with my son at the Gurdwara and feel the blessings of the Guru’s wisdom.

Jas Jagpal