101-ThingsToBeGrateful18-innocenceDay 18: Today I’m grateful my Children’s Innocence.

As I was cooking lunch for my sons and my nephew I gave them a piece of paper and an exercise to describe what they think God is?

I had no idea what I was going to get from them since I’ve not discussed God with them and also gave them 15 minutes to write down what they thought and no talking to each other.  There work is below.

My eldest son (13) sat in the Kitchen table and wrote the following:

I think God is the Creator of Life.  Alright Father of the Universe.  Ruler.  God is happiness and love.  God is all life.  God is Freedom.

My nephew (8) wrote:

I think that God is peace and love.  I also think that God is the smartest.  Even I think God is also the best.  I even think God’s the oldest.

My son (also 8) wrote:

I think God is the universe as big as space.  As big as Jupiter as big as the sun.  No one knows who big God is.  He might be taller than a rocket ship.  No one knows how God looks like, but everyone know that he’s Big.  (Drawing).  This is our Creator.  He made everything.

I was totally surprised from what I got from each.  I saw the maturity in my nephew as he is the eldest amongst his siblings.  I saw the kid in my 8 year old because he is the baby.  My middle child, who doesn’t write much also surprise me with some deep thoughts.

You never know what your kids will write for you if you give them a challenge.  So today I’m grateful for their innocence and value to have observed it.



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