101-ThingsToBeGrateful17-internetDay 17 – Internet

Today I’m grateful for the Internet.  Not too many people know that I met my wife, Jess through the Internet back in 1998.  So who says words can’t make hearts fall in love and keep them together for all these years.

Additionally, for many years I earned my bread via the Internet.  My printing business owed its existence to the world wide web.  If I didn’t setup that website, using Dreamweaver, way back in 1998, I wouldn’t be living in the house I do today.

Even to this day, many of my real estate clients contact me through the Internet.  They see my videos, profile, website, etc. and call me.  It is amazing that 0101010101s, can web together people and make successful careers.

So today, as I reflect back on my life,  I’m grateful for the existence of the Internet.  Without it, who knows what I would be doing today.

Cheers, Jas