challenge-poster-lDay 17 – Challenges

Those who know me, know that the past couple summers have been challenging for me personally as I have had to deal with my parents health issues. First summer my dad suffered health problems. The second summer my mom. Obviously with so much time and energy dedicated to their care, generating new business also suffered.

It’s hard to mentally focus on and the key is “sustain” thoughts on business when you are thinking of your parents health issues, running errands and doing the necessary house work. These have probably been the most challenging years of my life, even more so, then when I was a child and faced school bullies. The bullies never came home with me. These thoughts never truly left me. Exhausted I’d just fall asleep.

Sooner or later, we will all have to face an onslaught of challenges in our lives. How will we manage them? How will they transform us? How will we cope and grow? No one knows.

You know the summer my dad was ill, I think, out of gratitude my mom handed me $1000 cash. I told her I didn’t need her money. She said to take it as a gift and would I disallow a mother gifting her son?

Well I took the cash and the strangest thing happened when I got home. A senior lady with a cart in hand, knocked on the door. I opened and she was ‘begging’ for money. This is a pretty secluded residential area. She gave a story which I won’t bore you with but my mind started racing. Never before has my mom just gave me money like this, nor has anyone ever come to my door and begged. So I gave her $500. Was it coincidental? Was it a challenge? a test? who knows! At that moment, I saw a person in need and having money in hand, I just gave her some.

Today the challenges are still there. Some days less and other days more. In different forms by different faces. By different means and indifferent circumstances.

Time continues on and so life moves forward, step-by-step, day-by-day. Each day challenges us to make the best of it.

So as you are challenged in life, try not to be overwhelmed and get broken. Get your heart frozen and your thoughts stuck. Or you will break down. If you then get depressed, there will be a long difficult road to discovering a way out of this mental anguish or a feeling of living hell.

I won’t ask if you have been challenged. Everyone is. I pray your challenges will transform you to be the sun, and you will inspire others to shine, love, compassion and care.

Jas Jagpal