101-ThingsToBeGrateful16-moonDay 16: The Full Moon

Looking outside at the full moon towards the south just energizes me.  I also see Jupiter shining brightly towards the west side of the house.  I’ve always been fascinated by these heavenly bodies, especially the moon as it is so near, shifts in colour, size and brightness and where it is in the night sky.

Did you know in Hindu mythology there are actually a deity for the moon as they do for the sun, wind, fire, etc.  It is a heavenly body that plays a critical role about life on earth.

Here is an awesome video about the impact of the moon on our lives.

Did you know the same side of the moon is always facing us?  Also that both sides of the moon get’s sun.  The dark side of the moon is a myth.  Temperature’s are also quite extreme at -233 dec celsius to a balmy 123 deg celsius and is primarily due to the fact the has no atmosphere.  It’s small compared to the Earth but because it is only 384,400 KM away from us, unlike the sun which is 150 million KMs away… it affects our planet tremendously, especially the tides that play a role in our weather patterns.

Forget the facts, but think of the emotions that moon generates in our lives.  The romantic walks on the beach at night while the moon is glistening overhead.  The moon rising up on the horizon, above the wood lot, as a large orange ball, mimicking the sun and lightly pulling the heart strings as you are captivated in awe of its serene beauty.

Yes, the moon is a beautiful companion to our planet and I’m grateful that it lights up the night sky, like tonight.

Cheers, Jas