101-ThingsToBeGrateful14sunToday I’m grateful for the Sun

Yes, that orange, red, yellow burning ball of fire (Hydrogen) in the sky.

Without it, there would be no life in our solar system.  No days, nights, seasons.  No spring blossoms, fall colours and cold winters.

The entire world stage as we know it, is lit for action by the sun.

It is amazing that we are just the right distance from the Sun to enjoy it’s bounty of warmth and aren’t burning up in flames like Venus or too far away and frozen like the outer planets.

What’s more mind boggling is how large and far the sun really is from us.  Over a million earths can fit in the sun did you know?

We are nearly 150 million kilometres away from the sun.  The diameter of the earth is only 12,742 KM.  In other words, if we were to string a bead of earths to the sun, we would need 11,741 of them.

If you wanted to take an airplane and go to the sun at a staggering 1000 km/h (faster than any commercial airline)….it would take you 150,000 hours to reach the sun.  Let’s put that in perspective.  That would be 6250 days or a little over 17 years.  Now if you were lucky to be a fighter pilot and going at the top speed ever recorded over 3500 km/h, it would still take you over 5 years to get there.  Now that is far!  The picture in the diagram doesn’t do justice.


Chart showing distances in another perspective using toilet paper roll.


Look at the comparison chart above and you quickly see how far Jupiter and the outer planets really are from the Sun and how expansive the solar system truly is.  Clearly the planets in the images aren’t to scale showing distance but they show us a perspective on size.  All the planets are like dots orbiting the sun in a vast emptiness of space in all directions we can point our eyes to.

So today, I’m grateful for the blessings the sun gives.  It is the giver of all energy, life on earth and beyond our comprehension indeed.  I hope you take a moment to reflect and see how truly great the sun is.

Cheers, Jas