101-ThingsToBeGrateful-13daughterDay 13: I’m grateful for my Daughter

She’s a spirited child.  Tough outer shell like her dad but with a very soft heart.  As my only daughter, she’s always going to have sole custody of my heart!

Today she brought home her Honour Certificate from high school, that she received for, 2014 academic year.  Very casually, she hands it over to me before she places down her math quiz on my desk that she did poorly on to review with me.  Yes, she had the page 2 of the math quiz towards me so I don’t see the mark on page 1! 🙂

Obviously she doesn’t know that Dad was a character himself when he was young and knows all the tricks. 🙂  It is just best to be upfront with me.  Funny thing as I was writing my gratitude yesterday, she asked me if anyone was reading this?  My response was that it didn’t matter to me as I was writing it for myself.

You know, it’s amazing how quickly our kids grow up.  At one time she was was a 2 month premature baby and scared the heck out of me.  Then at two, I’d be taking her to the park and then be busy dusting off her hands and cheeks.  Then soccer practices followed for years as I “critiqued” the play on the field.   There are the countless evenings of helping her do her math & science home work.  Even to this day, it’s dad to the rescue!  I’m just glad I still remember this stuff 😉

As a father, I’m pleased that my daughter is very hard working and dedicated to whatever she decides to do.  I hope my lazy-ass boys will learn something from her 😉  Tonight she’s prepping her speech on “texting” for her Air Cadet’s contest and read it to me for some pointers.  I gave her a few suggestions and let’s see how she does.

I love my daughter and am grateful for the blessings of becoming a father.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  Still don’t have a clue.  But over the years, thank God, it’s all been pretty good.

So today, I reflect and remember my baby, as she’s growing up very fast.  And KJ if you read this, just remember, your tricks aren’t going to work one me.  All you really have to do to win my heart is give me a hug and say, dad I love you.  There is nothing more that matters to my heart.

Cheers,  Jas