101-ThingsToBeGrateful11-trustDay 11 – Trust 

Today I was going to write about being grateful for “scripture”… but after my morning experience,  I’m grateful for Trust.  The ability to trust and have others be able to trust me.

My experience today, with a long time customer Steve Greer from Abracadabra Signs, who entrusted me to get a custom job done for him and depended on me to have it ready for this weekend’s trade show, stressed me out a bit this week, but I’m happy that I was able to come through for him.

Today was the first time we met in person, having worked together for many years, and I’d like to say Steve’s a class act.  Not only was he super happy with the job, but he was gracious by his gift.  It’s not often that a customer hands a business owner a $100 bill, as a personal tip, to say Thank You.  Top it off, he had already given me a $50 bonus in gratitude that wasn’t necessary and agreed to pay a $50 Visa surcharge for his order, since he wanted to pay by Visa and not by check as I requested.

For me, I trusted his check would be good and I wouldn’t have to pay Visa surcharges and for him he trusted me, knowing he was getting great value and that I’m going to take care of him in every way I can.

Likewise, the video testimonials of my clients in my real estate business gives me great satisfaction that I’m trusted by them to take care of their biggest transaction of their lives.  Some multiple times already!  That is trust in the highest sense when you are literally managing thousands of dollars that they may or may not get in their pocket if you don’t have their best interests at heart and advise them with the best strategies to use when purchasing or selling a house.

Have I trusted people I shouldn’t have.  Absolutely.  Haven’t we all?  I’m sure, I’m not the only one who has loaned money to people that never paid back.  They’ve been a few print clients who have never paid for their orders, or their credit cards declined later and I had already shipped their orders.  Even today, I’m charging long standing customers a month later because I trust them.  I’m grateful that over 99% of customers since 1998, vast majority (95%+) who’ve I’ve never seen in person, from all over the world, primarily the US and Canada, were trustworthy people and fantastic to serve.  Maybe that is why I find it so easy to trust people world over.

On a spiritual note.  Trust, is hugely important for our personal well being.  It is what allows us to sleep soundly at night.  Trust the higher power that everything will be taken care of as it is meant to be.  I’ve personally never stressed about getting paid, or for that matter that I was going to lose money on a project.  What ever happens in life beyond my control I’ve learnt to accept and go with the flow.

If you haven’t already, I pray that you find Trust in your life.  If you do have it, I hope you will realize that it is a blessing and be grateful for it.  More importantly, make sure you act in away that others feel it and get it from you.  So sew the seed of Trust and let righteous Karma carry you to contentment in life.

Cheers, God Bless,  Jas