Tsunami-Ocean-HDDay 10- Kismet

Every one of us, like the ocean wave experiences a wide array of emotions and experiences throughout our lives. We experience the fears of a tsunami, calmness of a tranquil sea and the windy storms in between.

Sometimes our health is good and money is great and at other times we’re desperate for a dollar and illness chokes our will to live. 

Kismet, is the belief that things happen in life according to a higher will. God’s will. Others say it is the result of our previous Karma and what we sow in this life time.

Well my story begins when I was around 22 and was attending York University and didn’t have a clue if I was going to get a decent paying job or not. I was doing my BSc and enrolled in the Education program to be a teacher.

My father a highly spiritual person had often told people things that came true and occasionally read our palms. Anyways, one evening I asked him to look at my hand. I questioned him, “Dad will I make $30K a year?”. If he had said yes, chances are I’d have a high school teaching job and I’d be just happy with that. After all, they weren’t hiring many teachers in the mid-90s.

Surprisingly he said “more than that!” and “not to worry”. So, I pushed further and asked $40K. He said the same thing. I said $60K. He repeated himself. When I laughingly said $100K and he said the same thing, I knew my dad had gone mad, or so I thought.

Back then a teacher’s top salary was around $65K after 10 years of service. As I was leaving the room, Dad made what he just told me conditional. He said, it would occur after I turned 28 and really after 30 was when I’d be saving a lot. For someone who wants instant success and only 22 years old, I forgot everything he said and carried on with life. After all, I was barely living over the poverty line and putting myself through university and couldn’t possibly think of making that type of money.

Well a few years later, struggling in a environmental laboratory in Vancouver, I met my wife who was from Calgary. We married in the Summer of 1998 and moved back to Toronto and I started my job search.

Ironically, my sister who I hadn’t spoken with for many years, was in the card printing business and offered me a job to work for her and setup her website. I still remember my mom, telling me to take it, even though it was $10 an hour. She said, suck up your pride and go work for her. So I did. I stayed on and learnt the graphic programs and the printing business. A couple months later, I asked her if I could on the side, start an online website to make some extra money. I wouldn’t compete with her and all the orders I got would be printed through her. She gave me her blessings.

Just as it was foretold by my dad many years ago. The winds of change blew on cue and God’s will unraveled before my eyes, unfolding Kismet. I started in October working hard on my online presence and got my first order that December and yes I was 28 years old. Come February, I made close to 2 thousand in one week and for many, many years I road the tide of great fortune.

That is why, over the years, I’ve matured to understand and accept gratefully God’s blessings in my life. Even when things are bad, I know there is a lesson to be had. It always awes me when a client uses my services, knowing that I’m just one of over 30 thousand GTA REALTORS®. Somehow, I was to be a part of their journey, and they of mine. Somehow, we were meant to connect and they were supposed to trust me with the biggest decision of their lives. How inspiring is that?

Have you felt the hands of God, or the tides of Kismet in your life? Do share.
Cheers and goodnight. I almost forgot to write today. 🙂
God speak.
Jas Jagpal