Yesterday was my first day off of Facebook after I deleted the app from my iPhone the night before.  Just now  I realized it was still on my iPad, and so I’ve signed off.

Funny thing is that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be.  I did catch myself, about half a dozen times,  in the earlier part of the day looking at my phone; but by the afternoon, the phone became irrelevant and by the evening I didn’t miss it.

I did notice a few benefits immediately on reflection:

1.  It took me far less time in the bathroom.  Yes you aren’t the only one who takes the phone with you. 🙂

2.  I am more present in what I’m doing.  Be it after school talking about playing the keyboard with my 7 year old or driving during the day.  I was present when I ate my lunch and when I watched Monday’s recording of “The Voice” with my son.  I actually forgot all about my phone as it sat on my desk in the office.

3.  I had more time during the day to meditate!  because I wasn’t responding, answering, commenting, reading, liking, etc.  The best part was that instead of feeling tired and mentally drained by the end of the day, I actually felt more energetic.  I even meditated for another 15 minutes before going to sleep, sitting crossed legged on my bed.  When I took my mom to the doctors, instead of checking email and Facebook, I used that 30 minutes wait to center my thoughts, meditate and reflect.

4.  Time savings.  For everyone it will be different.  But just imagine 30 minutes a day at the minimum.  3 1/2 hours a week. x 52 = 182 Hours a year.   That is a full week of productive time you could have used for other things.  Reading, writing, learning, with kids, exercise!!, mediation.   We probably spend on average 4x that much a year, unnecessarily on all social media networks.

I compare our Facebook to our compulsion with email of the past.  You remember how we used to constantly check our emails on our phones and computers?  Now that email addiction has subsided we replaced it with a more potent viral strain called Twitter and Facebook.  From the moment we awaken till we’re exhausted and fall asleep we endure a constant barrage of notifications that keep us distracted and busy.  How healthy could that be?

Unlike email where we responded to a few important messages, FB is far more interactive and a 30 second comment can lead to 30 minutes of conversation and hours of following threads.  It’s far more time and energy consuming then anything we know of.  We just haven’t realized that.

I’m thinking just like email started to overwhelm us on our phones, Facebook will do far worse and people are going to start to disconnecting or paying a heavy toll in their health.

Think about it, who has found peace, tranquility or joy on Facebook.  Even happiness that we are constantly seeking consciously or subconsciously.

There is a lot of advertisements, politics, busyness and noise.  Sure there are some forums where learning occurs, but nothing that truly teaches us how to uplift our spirits and keep them there.  These “enlightening” quotes we read are like the subway advertisements that are instantly forgotten as the feed moves along and your mind attaches to the next bit of  information.

We all should take a moment to re-evaluate our purpose, our actions and make thoughtful choices to move us forward.

Anyways, I just thought I’d quickly write something about my first day off of Facebook.  I won’t be doing this every day.   After all, I don’t want to remove one attachment and then just add another in it’s place.  That wouldn’t be too smart.  So whenever I feel like it, I will post something here and syndicate it.

As The Journey of a Wave continues.

Cheers & God Bless,

Jas Jagpal