Day 1:Peeing Behind The Bedroom Door


Ah, yes I peed behind the door in my parents room! We lived in a semi-detached house in downtown Leslieville. We had a bathroom on the 2nd floor and another one in the basement (which was cold, like a dungeon) and none on the main floor. The 2nd floor was rented out leaving us just with the basement bathroom to a family of nine.

I was around five or so and afraid to go downstairs by myself. Obviously, having older siblings, who loved to scare the “shits” out of me by saying “the ghost is coming” didn’t help.

Well, the clever me, started peeing in the corner behind my parents bedroom door until a few days later it started smelling in the room and my plan was axed!

Those were the days, where the seven of us huddled in a 10′ x 10′ bedroom, until a proper room was constructed in the basement and we would have a ball playing.

For my REALTOR® friends… yes that home is sold to a lucky Buyer without full disclosure. 😉

Jas Jagpal, Broker