Yesterday, my son (11) asked, “Dad, how can I be more creative?”

Instinctively I said to write more.

Later I reflected and realized, creativity is giving voice to our intuition and the aware being that is the Self.

I know most people won’t understand that statement.  We are mostly caught up in our chaotic thoughts and never step behind the curtain to be the observer.  That is where the awareness of the “Self” begins.

I’m grateful that my children are teaching me, patience, love, endurance, responsibility, sacrifice, laughter, acceptance and more each and every day.

Creativity is in all of us, just wanting to be expressed.  We just have to listen quietly, attentively, feel the presence in and around us, accept it, and write it down with our pen.

Fortunately, the source of all Creativity can’t be expressed and that is beyond mere words to address.

Jas Jagpal