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Jas Jagpal’s Gratitudes

Gratitude: Fresh Air

I’m grateful for the fresh air.  We take it for granted but if you’ve ever struggled for air, be it under water or a health emergency, you’ll realize what a gift it is. Now...



Yesterday, my son (11) asked, “Dad, how can I be more creative?” Instinctively I said to write more. Later I reflected and realized, creativity is giving voice to our intuition and the aware being that...


I am grateful for the rain

Rain is the life force falling from the heavens transforming gardens and providing the bounty of food we need for nourishment. Our lives are like the grass.  we are influenced by the changes in our environment.  We...


I Am That, I Am

Gratitude I am grateful for “I AM THAT, I AM.” This is a feeling, personal realization, intuitive knowing that I AM the wave and the ocean. The ray and the sun.  The stars and...


The Moon

I’m grateful for the moon. Everytime I look at the moon, I feel a cosmic connection. In the past I’ve talk to it and wonder how alone it must be. Today, I see it...