Author: Jas Jagpal

Reflections: Thoughts are micro-creations.

Reflections: Thoughts are micro-creations. Potential energy ready to manifest for those who are willing to take action and rid themselves of the black hole of mental negativity. ‪#‎jasjagpal‬ ‪#‎thoughts‬


Day 46: Cable

Day 46: Cable I’m glad the cable company came by today and fixed the cable connection to my mom’s TV.  Finally she is able to watch a few programs in her native tongue and be...


Life Flows

Life Flows Life moves forward or backwards. Staying put is a mental illusion. Do our thoughts stand still? Does the wind stop blowing or the water stay standing? Life is forever in motion. Each...


Reflection: Truth

If I could speak lies and pretend to care,
I know I'd be much like beyond my stare.
But, I'd rather be true then pay the price,
losing my dreams and peaceful nights.

— Jas Jagpal


Reflection: The Chase

Reflection: The Chase Those who have much chase for more and those who have little want to have more. In the end, both die unsatisfied.  One wishing more to survive the other more to...


Reflection: The Same

Reflection: The Same If the universe started from a single Bang, that would mean everything we see is one and the same. The moon and stars, you and I, and all that walk this...