The 3 Day Challenge

Some of you have asked what the challenge is by messaging or commenting already and I thought I better write it out quickly ūüôā

I did this challenge awhile back and noticed some startling behaviours of mine.   Such as my hands reaching out to my cell phone without my mind consciously thinking of doing so.   First I sensed irritability and then a calmness of a new equilibrium of inner silence and mental peace.

You must be wondering Jas, what the heck are you talking about? 

The challenge is quite simple actually.  Simply to disconnect from all this social media craze for a weekend.  For a few it will be easy, yet for others extremely difficult.

#1. ¬†Start on Friday evening, by deleting your FB App, Twitter App, Pinterest App, Instagram App, YouTube App and any others that you constantly turn to during your waking hours to get your “fix”. ¬†If it’s FB mostly, then delete that APP totally from your phone. ¬†You can always download it again later. ¬†The others you can just simply “logout” so you don’t keep getting “notifications”.

#2. Logout of all your other devices. ¬†Yes, your computer, smart TV and iPad too. ¬†Having to login, will give you a moment to pause when the “desire” to just “check out “what’s going on in the world.” ¬†Yes, these few seconds¬†can be the difference if you complete this challenge or not.

#3. ¬†Finally, notice the time that you normally would spend on this interaction and reflect on what you could be doing to better your life. ¬†Maybe read a new book. ¬†Play with your kids. ¬†Talk to your spouse without glancing over at your “mobile” phone. ¬†Maybe write a gratitude note. ¬†Jot down your thoughts. ¬†Pray a little. ¬†Try to get to know “yourself.” ¬†¬†Maybe you’ll have an epiphany,¬†as I did, that the mobile phone, is just a very expensive addiction. ¬†The new 24-Hour News Channel, that’s¬†causes many worry, stress, anxiety, fear and sleepless nights from what they read, watch and hear.

#4. ¬†You can connect Monday morning and¬†I’m hoping by this you’ll have taken a few minutes to reflect and write about your experience. ¬†Maybe share your story with me by email ( or by FB Messenger or tag me as you share it with your friends on FB.¬†¬† You never know,¬†maybe you’ll invite your family and friends in a¬†week or two to join you on this journey once again and realize the benefits of just letting go and being yourself.

Yes, I will also be signing out¬†this weekend and¬†I’ll be¬†looking forward to reading about your experiences and learning from all of you. ¬†ūüôā

Thanks for participating in this journey.

Cheers, Jas

P.S. ¬†It just came to my mind that maybe you can also share this post with your friends and invite them to do it with you this weekend? ūüôā