Monthly Archive: September 2014

Day 28 – Blind by Selfish Interest

I remember as a teenager having “arguments” with my dad on the “science” of things.  I thought what I was learning in high school gave me enough ammunition to be the “smart guy”.  After...


Warning- side effects

Warning: The side effects of calming your mind and slowing down your thoughts are: Happiness, Clarity, Peace, Love, Time, Sound Sleep, Energy, Creativity, Money  just to name a few. Ready?


Spread Your Arms

Now stop what you are doing. Spread your arms, close your eyes and breathe deeply.
For in this moment you have experienced life's energy.
No thoughts or worries. Just you and life-eternity.



I've tried and joy can't be bought in the world's supermarket.
It's found in the market where the "I" lives.

— Jas Jagpal


Day 27: The 9.11 Affect

The 9.11 Affect  It’s that time of the year, labour day long weekend and my elder son’s birthday.  If you’ve been following my journey,  Amar was born on labour day and we were over...